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"Hey, we totally appreciate you guys. You have shared very valuable information with my sales force and we have implemented a lot of your strategies with terrific results. Keep up the good work."
-Randy Matthews
Preferred Material Handling

Joe, I wanted to thank you again for the training you presented to the RG-Group earlier this week. I personally feel you have made an immediate impact on putting our sales staff including myself selling since 1998 and I have to say for once in my short career I was all ears. I have spoken with a few of my peers and we strongly feel that with your training and direction you have pointed us in the right direction to becoming professional sales people.
- Guy Hassinger
Sales Manager

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My Goal for is Simple:

"To Help You Generate More Sales, at Greater Margins,
in Less Time, with Less Effort"

We have done this many times for thousands of sales professionals and hundreds of sales organizations all over the world...and chances are, we can help you too!

If you have heard of me, you may know me as the 'Sales Guy'. I have addressed hundreds of association conferences and presented seminars for many different organizations. And, I am widely considered the distribution and manufacturing industry's leading expert on the sales and sales management process.

Much of what I have taught over the years has become company policy, standard-issue sales training, and the virtual "handbook" of information sales managers and sales professionals use in everyday sales processes.

I've combined my experiences, philosophies, and sales strategies into complete implementable and duplicable systems that will work to get you the results you are looking for.

Through this site, our online Member's-Only Library, our TeleSeminars, our Live Seminars, Private Consulting and Speaking Engagements, we can turn your sales process into a finely-tuned science that can produce regular and predictable results.

If you would like to see what we're all about, and learn for yourself just how we have helped thousands of others generate more sales at higher margins in less time and with much greater effectiveness, then I encourage you to take the next step...

If you'd like a 'sneak-peak' of just one topic we're currently tackling for many sales organizations...It's Killer Sales Teams...More importantly How to Build & Maintain a Team that Gets Serious Results!

Download the free Special Report for "The Case for a Killer Sales Team" below.


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