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3 Separate Programs

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Joe Ellers

"Many of you and your teams have been trained by me over the years, either personally, through UID, association conferences, etc.

You know the unmatched sales results our clients achieve after only short periods of time.

This suite of online training come directly out my day to day field experiences with the most productive, most profitable business in these industries and it is all available to you to get your team producing at much higher, more profitable levels.

This is the perfect complement to the live onsite consulting & training many of you have hired me to conduct on your behalf.

I encourage you experience the remarkable sales results dozens of companies encompassing thousands of sales people who have benefit heavily from these programs."


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All 3 web-based training programs are completely self-paced and designed to minimize the "out-of-field" time spent by sales and managers and to maximize the immediate and measurable effectiveness of real sales progress and easy manager follow up.

Programs consist of 10-14 separate modules and are designed where each module is completed in 1 hour and implemented over the course of one month. (However they can be completed over a shorter time period if desired.)

Program access is for 12 months. Optional 12 month renewals, $1,200. Library access is also good for 12 months.

Each Module Contains:

Module Content & Pre-assignment materials
Audio training lectures (can be listened to online or downloaded as MP3)
PowerPoint Presentation notes for each audio presentation
Corresponding Action Items to begin implementing
Module Test
Sales Manager Companion for each module (for Inside & Outside only)

Program Options:

OPTION A: Small Company Package $4,500.00

10 people enrolled in either the INSIDE or OUTSIDE programs (any combination)
1 copy of both programs on hard copy CD for your library
Manager access to a Live Joe Ellers "Getting Started" TeleSeminar With Q & A
Unlimited Training Resource Library access (see description below)

OPTION B: Unlimited Attendees $14,500.00

UNLIMITED Number of Attendees using Either/Both the INSIDE or OUTSIDE    programs
3 Sets of both programs on hard copy CD for your library
Manager access to a Live Joe Ellers "Getting Started" TeleSeminar with Q & A
Unlimited Training Resource Library access (see description below)

OPTION C: Sales Manager's Program
    Unlimited Attendees

1 program on CD for your library
Manager access to a Live Joe Ellers "Getting Started" TeleSeminar with Q & A

Resource Training Library-

In addition to the 3 complete programs described above, we've included the Resource Library of other mini-programs, over 20 hours of audio lecture-training, dozens of recourse documents, articles and more.  All included at no additional charge to users. Updated with new content regularly.

Getting Started (Immediate access to all online training)

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Get Your Inside & Outside Sales Teams Making More Sales, Wasting Less Time and Transitioning from Order-Taking to Pro-Active Selling!


Inside Sales: Professional Inside & Counter Sales

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Module 1: You, the Customer and What They Expect…
A look at the people side of business…how you think…how they think and what they
expect from you.

Module 2: What are you supposed to do?
A clear understanding of your role as an inside/counter sales professional and some
tricks of the trade for managing your time.

Module 3: The Sales Process
Selling has specific steps that have to be done in order. The goal of this module is to
make it easier for you to sell by showing you what the steps are; what you need to do
at each phase and what is supposed to happen next.

Module 4: The Quote Process
Professional selling on the inside means doing the best you can with quotes. We will
show you how to do more with the opportunities you get.

Module 5: The Proactive Inside Sales Professional
You can have an impact on sales by the way you handle the inbound calls (and visits).
We will show you ways to increase the value of the sale by presenting the four basics
of inside proactivity---upselling; companion-selling; cross-selling and dead/slow-
moving inventory.

Module 6: Handling Objections—Especially Price Objections
Objections are part of the sales job. We will show you why you should welcome them
and more importantly, what to do when you get them.

Module 7: The Inside Sales Call
Sales calls are part of the job—even on the inside. We will show you how they are
supposed to look and what you can do to increase the value of this important part of
the sales process.

Module 8: Handling Complaints
Your job does not end with the sales—but when we have a satisfied customer. In this
module, we will show you how to turn bad situations into good ones—and help to
retain the customer in the process.

Module 9: Inside Presentations
Whether you think you make presentations or not—you do. This module will help
you to feel more confident when you have to give the customer the information
they need.

Module 10: The Inside/Outside Partnership
This section describes how to strengthen the partnership between what you do and the outside sales team you work with.

Outside Sales: Professional Sales for Field Salespeople

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Module 1: Start at the Beginning…Goals and Sales Plans
What is the job of a field sales professional? In this module, we lay it out for
you including a special section on goal clarity and simple account planning.

Module 2: Creating a Winning Value Proposition
To win, you have to be clear on why your solution is better than your competitors.
We will give you everything you need to develop and document your value
proposition—so you can begin fighting the price objection from the beginning.

Module 3: The Art of Selling
Most of this program is about the “science” of selling but we will spend some time working with you to create some ways that you can be more “likeable” with your customers.

Module 4: The 6-Step Sales Process
In this module, we will expose you to a formalized (not scripted) sales process which
will help you to be more effective. We will discuss the first two steps of this process—and also show you how to improve your prospecting.

Module 5: The Rest of the Story...
Here, we will show you the rest of the sales process (Steps 3-6) and show you how to
get more business—with less work.

Module 6: The Perfect Sales Call

The sales call is the building block of the sales relationship and we will show you the
definition of a professional call and how to get more out of what you are doing.

Module 7: Telling Your Story

Presentations are part of what a sales professional does and we will give you ways to
increase the quality of your presentations.

Module 8: Fighting the Price Objection
The key objection is the price objection and we will give you many different ways to
fight it—and win.

Module 9: Managing Your Time
As a sales professional, you know that your most important asset is your time. Learn
the things you do that waste time and ways to get more out of your day without
working harder.

Module 10: Sales Management Tools and You
You may think they are for managers only, but the tools they ask you to use---
like itineraries, account profiles, target account lists and opportunity tracking are
really for you. Learn how to make money from them.

Sales Manager's Program

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Module 1: Goals and Planning
In this session, you will start at the very beginning and answer the key questions to create an overall plan for your sales team.

Module 2: Sales Organization
What kind of sales organization do I need? What kind of salespeople do I need? These are important questions in accomplishing your sales objectives.

Module 3: Hiring the Right Salespeople
In this module, we take it one step further by helping you to better define the salespeople that you need (and hire them).

Module 4: Creating Your Value Proposition
Arm your sales team with some “real” reasons why your customers should either switch from their existing suppliers or stay with your organization.

Module 5: The 6-Step Sales Process
Learn the six steps of the sales process and see what parts you currently do…and maybe what you should be doing more of.

Module 6: Improving Profitability Through Joint Sales Calls
Many sales managers have neglected this part of sales management. The only way you know what happens is to observe what happens.

Module 7: Sales Management Tools I
Approach these with an open mind. Successful sales organizations use sales management tools. If done correctly, they take very little time and add great value.

Module 8: Sales Management Tools II
This session includes two of the “Big Three” sales management tools— Itineraries and Opportunity Management. These tools, combined with the use of Target Account Lists, serve as the minimum we recommend for a well-managed sales organization.

Module 9: Sales Training and Development
One of the key roles of sales management is developing the sales team. In this module, we present a simple way for you to define training needs—as well as the 'pros and cons' of various training methods.

Module 10: Compensation
Over the years, sales leaders have often attempted to use compensation as a substitute for sales management activities. In reality, compensation is merely the last shove in the right direction that your team needs.

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Get Your Inside & Outside Sales Teams Making More Sales, Wasting Less Time and Transitioning from Order-Taking to Pro-Active Selling

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