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If you want better results from a new and improved ‘well-oiled machine’, join us for some serious discussions and training on how to build, run and maintain a Killer Sales Team!

Joe Ellers From the Desk of Joe Ellers-

Dear Friend...You're a sales manager and so am I. Like you, I have run small and large sales teams, and in fact continue to do so as a contract-sales-manager even today.

Here are the facts real quick…please indulge me for a few minutes:

3-4 days a week, I am in offices around the country working with sales managers and frankly, most Sales Managers do a marginal job building & running their team-- Which is precisely why they don't get the kinds of results they truly desire.

Many Complain to Me that They:

Can’t get ‘old dogs’ to convert to new and better ways of selling
Have a hard time getting consistent sales results from individual team members
Have a hard time coming up with sales meeting topics
Have a lot of sales people who are simply ‘satisfied’ with their sales volume and can’t get them motivated to do more
Have some pros maxing out their territory while others, can’t get their feet off the ground
Are stuck on a plateau and they just can’t get to the next level with their team
Or, they're just totally out of ideas and need some new fresh content from an outside voice

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Over the years, I have Identified Six (6) Critical Areas Managers Need to Focus on, and Be Darn Good at, to Truly Build, Run and Maintain a Stellar Functioning Sales Team:

A Team that: -Gets results, -Improves year after year, -Meets and exceeds sales goals, -And operates together like a well-oiled machine.

Here are the 6 Critical Areas:

1. Hiring Only the Best
…So you’ve got a leg up right from the get-go

2. Creative Compensation Structures
…So they are super motivated to sell more, not just maintain accounts

3. Setting Your Course for what you and your team will accomplish
… Incorporating reality, optimism and what your team is capable of

4. Good Sales Strategy

5. Killer Sales Meetings that Provide Real Value
...So your team actually takes note, responds to training, and doesn't feel they have just wasted an hour listening to ‘sales training’ or ‘motivational talk’

6. Continual Training & Development for your Sales People (yes, even the ‘old dogs’ too)

And once I got these 6 areas working seamlessly together, I was on fire
and my sales team followed suit!

...We were unstoppable!

And to this day, the sales teams I run for other companies, and implement for large and small organizations around the globe continue record breaking sales and seamless performance, despite what goes on in the economy.

I have done a tremendous amount of training in these 6 areas. Every week, somewhere around the world, I’m training on one or more of these issues.

And starting in late June 2013, I'll be doing my annual live running of this online training program that will address these 6 areas in depth.

If you are a sales manager or you want to be someday…You need to get on board with this

What We'll Cover:

How to Hire the Best & Weed Out the Rest
How to Build a Creative Compensation Structure that Will Get Results Without Breaking the Bank
How to Set Your Course for What You & Your Team Will Accomplish
How to Map Out Your Team's Strategy so You Can Achieve Your Goals on Target
How to Develop & Run Power Sales Meetings Based on Precisely What Your Team Needs
How to Develop and Maintain a Good Training Regime or Your Sales Team that Keeps Them Moving Forward but Doesn't Bore Them to Death

Who Should Participate

Sales Manages (national and regional)
Sales Managers in Training
Senior execs who oversee national sales managers

What is Included

6 Video Training Sessions, 1 hour each

  1. How to Hire the Best Sales People
  2. What to Pay Them and How to Develop Creative Compensation Structures
  3. Setting Your Course for what you and your team will accomplish
  4. Developing a strategy to get you there
  5. The key to good sales meetings that actually provide value and get results
  6. How to Effectively Train and Develop your Sales People

Membership Area access with downloads, action items, training videos and more
Q & A: Ability to submit questions directly to Joe for answers on what works best for you

2 Bonus Modules

Self-Management skills
Manager’s Reports, Stats & Tracking that Matters

How to Get Started

The Member’s-Only site will be available as soon as you register and you can start anytime there after. It is a self-paced program you will have unlimited access to for a full year. During that time, you will have full Q & A access directly to me from inside the member’s area.

And...a Valuable Bonus to Sweeten the Pot...
I want you on board, so I'm making you an irresistible offer by including even more to the already robust training...

Bonus 1 Logo6 Months of Online Library Access ($282 value)
Your entire team can benefit from complete access to the Online Library containing over 100 hours of training, audio, video, downloads, templates, articles and more....

Unlimited Participation for only $379.00


Please Call Norm at 864.952.1841 to inquire about getting
started with this program

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