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"Hey, we totally appreciate you guys. You have shared very valuable information with my sales force and we have implemented a lot of your strategies with terrific results. Keep up the good work."
-Randy Matthews
Preferred Material Handling


"Joe, I get it and I love it. Simplicity and what a forecasting tool. The key we implemented is to close every day with the opportunity-worksheet. The day is not over until you do. Wow & Thanks!"
-William Ten Eyck
Regional Manager
Skinner Nurseries

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Forget 'Time Management'...and Stop Trying to "Manage" Your Precious Little Sales-Time:

Have the Guts to Take Absolute-Control of Your Time... Get a Handle on Things Once and For All and See Your Results Skyrocket

On this call Joe Will Discuss:

  • How to get your head out of the sand (or wherever it's at) & start actually producing some worthwhile results for once
  • The difference between 'Time Management' & 'Absolute Time-Control'
  • How to actually live that little '4 Hour Work Day' Thing
  • How to easily ignore wasteful tasks and watch them mysteriously work themselves out some how
  • The 'Rule' on what percentage of your time should be spent on what

Do just half of the things Joe will discuss and watch your sales results increase far beyond where you thought they could

Join Joe Ellers for a Free TeleSeminar to Discover the Answers
to These Challenges

To get a recording of this call and dozens of others, please see our Online Library page.

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