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100% Joe Ellers for You, Your Sales Staff & Your Managers...

"Instant Access to Hundreds of Hours of Usable Training, Tools, Templates & Much More, That Others Have Paid Thousands For!"

Joe Ellers' Members-Only Library:

After almost 30 years of sales and training, in dozens of industries, hundreds of companies and thousands of sales pros, much of Joe's teachings can found in one, easy-to-use place for instant access by you and anyone on your team.

"I've finally come to realize I can't be everywhere at once, even though sometimes I think I'm super-human, the fact of the matter is that there is simply too much demand for my personal time. There needed to be a way to access 'me' without coordinating schedules, and running up $5,000 tabs to have me come out and do personal one-on-ones."

"So for those of you who don't make it on my personal consulting schedule, and others of you who desire easy-access to my materials in between our live trainings... This One's For You!

Joe Ellers-

About the Library...

The Online Library of Joe Ellers' training materials is a very comprehensive compilation consisting of hundreds of hours of training and countless training documents, tools and templates.

The Library is designed to be accessed by anyone in your company whom you give access to. Including Executives, Managers, Sales Pros, Inside Sales, & Counter sales staff.

Personnel can login in anytime, from work or home and access topic-specific information that will address very specific needs in the form of articles, audio recordings, Excel templates, tools step-by-step plans, mini-courses and much more.

Take a look at some of the break downs of how the Library can be used:

Wha's In the Library...

Dozens of 60 Minute Audio Lectures Complete with PowerPoints and Action Items
Video Lectures Complete with Notes and Action Items
2-4 Hour Audio Mini Courses Complete with Notes, Resources and Action Items
Article Library with hundreds of topics covered
Sales Tool Templates: Editable templates, forms, spreadsheets, checklists and more
Sales Team Handouts & Training Resources
New material added regularly
Members-Only LIVE Q & A conference calls with Joe (no-charge)

Who Will Benefit...

- Sales Professionals (both inside & outside sales) who need or want topic-specific direction on various sales-related topics.

- Sales Managers who oversee sales people and who need good content for their own sales meetings, handouts, training guides AND plenty of training material SPECIFICALLY for SALES MANAGERS.

- Executives who oversee things and need some executive-level direction themselves or see areas where reps or managers need assistance can use the Library as their own personal arsenal to ensure steady growth and continued advancement of their staff.

How it Works...

Your company is given a single User Name & Password. You can keep this to yourself or give access to anyone in your company, including all of your sales staff if you desire. Access of the materials can be done from home, office, laptops and many PDAs.

Often, Sales Mangers will use portions of the Library as training in their own sales meetings with staff. All of the audio based programs come complete with PowerPoints which can be used for handouts, or your own sales training sessions.

The Cost...
There are 2 ways to get access to the Library.
  1. If you're a subscriber to any of our 3 Online Training Courses, you get FREE access to the Library.
  2. Purchase the $49 monthly subscription, good for your entire team. No contracts, no time limits, cancel anytime.

Getting Started...

Give the Library a try with our 90 day Unlimited access Pass. Pay only $99 for the first 3 months, then $49 monthly after that.

You'll get our most recent TeleSeminar Recordings as well as hundreds of hours of training by Joe.

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