There's Nothing More Important to Greater Commissions Than Getting 'Un-Stuck'...Are You Stuck?


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Sales People Around the World are Taking Their Life Back…Getting themselves unstuck, then making a conscious effort to start living life strategically instead of working like a dog for pay that is not worth the trade off!

They're accomplishing this by first getting unstuck, then taking radical control of their time, how they use it, how effective that use is, and resulting in consistently work less yet generating more commissions month after month.

If you are a sales professional and you want to Sell more, Live more, and Play more, I would like to take you through a 7-step process that will absolutely guarantee you get what you want and nothing less!

If you are a manager, you have a right to be scared. This new generation of sales professionals simply won’t ‘toe the line’ anymore. They need more! And as a manager, it is your job to give them more and I have the answers to show you how to do just that.

This Could Make a Drastic Difference in 'Fine-Tuning' the Best Use of Your Time & Be the Starting Point of Working Less and Getting More of What You Really Want!

Dear Sales Professional…

Joe Ellers here....I’m a sales pro like you. I have been in your shoes pounding the pavement, making the calls and trying to maximize the most effective use of my time...and I would like to ask you 3 simple questions:

1. Would you like spend 30 hours a week working instead of 40 or 50?
2. Would you like to earn more commissions working only 30 hours than what you earn right now?
3. Is there something you have always wanted to do but haven’t because ‘life gets in the way” and you do not have the time?”

I know exactly how you feel…I’ve felt the same way… But fortunately I got clear on my WHY and did something about it and now I’m living proof that sales professionals can 'have their cake and eat it too'.

Allow me to explain to you WHY many sales people are “stuck” and how to get ‘unstuck’ and start really getting what you want out of life.

Most Sales People Are Stuck Because They Never Figured Out...

How to replace tired old generic 'time management' practices with ultra-targeted Sales-Time-Control methods geared specifically towards your functions as a sales professional

How to strategically engineer a plan that allows you to work the number of hours you desire yet maintain and even improve the amount of things you accomplish

How to develop a plan-of-action that you can actually stick with

How to spend your day. What percentage of time should you spend; cold calling, prospecting, networking, following up, doing logistical stuff, on the phone, working referrals and more.

How to incorporate long-range planning into what actions you take today

How to track your progress and effectives so you remain in complete control and stay focused on objectives

How to incorporate family, fun and personal objectives into your business sales efforts for improved results

How to develop a sales plan that actually gets you what you want

How to work your numbers backwards so you can know exactly how many sales calls you'll need to do each week to meet your objectives

How to cut down the amount of time it takes to reach the right person by using Joe's back-door insider-referral tactic

Why Joe's famous 'scheduled next step' is more than getting a 'commitment', it's equally about less time wasted for you

How to convert your stated goals into do-able actions

How to train your customers and prospects to respect your time objectives so you stay on target

Why and how you should train your customers to never call you back (on purpose)

How to split up your day between Prime Sales Hours and Off Sales Hours to maximize missed opportunities

How to virtually eliminate the 'open loops' you leave that put a drain on your time and stress

Managing the daily 'grind'

How to manage your sales opportunities so they take less time to work through

How to reduce the amount of unscheduled sales time in your day


Doe any of these things resonate with you? If So and...

...You Have any Desire to Work Fewer Hours, Earn More Commissions & Truly Start Living a Better Quality of Life, Than You'll Love the Process I Have That Will Show You How to Accomplish All 19 of the Things I Just Listed Above & More


Start the Online Modules Anytime and Progress at Your Own Pace

Who Should Attend:

Sales Professionals (both inside & outside sales)
Sales Managers
Executives who want to work less but get more done

**[A Note to Sales Managers:] Your team is begging for this type of change, whether they’ve expressed it to you or not. Do them a favor. Do yourself a favor.]

Get Started With Us…Join This Elite Group. Finally Make Change For the Better

What is included-

Core Training Module on my '7-step sequence for getting what you want'
3 Complete Modules on 'Time Control'
Membership Area access with downloads, action items, training videos and more
Ability to submit questions directly to Joe for answers on what works best for you
See public questions and comments from others in the program. Learn and share.
Plan review personally by Joe
Separate Training for Sales and Sales Management

Pretty Neat Bonus to Sweeten the pot...
I want you on board, so I'm making you an irresistible offer by including even more to the already robust training...

Sales Time Control Book Cover
6 Months of Online Library Access ($282 value)
Your entire team can benefit from complete access to the online library containing over 100 hours of training, audio, video, downloads, templates, articles and more




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Not Convinced? Here's Why You and Your Team Need to Participate-

Creating more time is NOT about Time Management...It is about Time Control! And, if you are using traditional 'time management skills in your 'sales life' you are way under performing, or at least working to hard for the sales you're generating.

Your sales team is NOT excited about you telling them how to be better with their time. However, they are probably interested in learning how to make the same number of sales in 4 days as it currently now takes them 5.

"Beat them to the punch". Your sales team will love you and their job 10 times over if they can work less to make the same money.

The Time Management books you may have been reading are not complete when applied to ‘manage’ Sales-Time because they do not incorporate: Your best types of customers, most desirable business you would like to attract, and they are generic in nature and frankly simply do not have the best interest of field sales people and managers in mind. I would like to show you how to have Absolute Control over your life and time



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