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Sales Manager's

How to Get Your Sales Team Attracting Better Prospects, Selling More Product and Creating More Repeat Business...

Starting Today!

"What You Need To Know That Will Totally De-mystify The Sales Process and Provide You With A Step-by-Step Approach To Predictable Results... Every Time."

If you're serious about having your sales force run on "autopilot", I'll help you become a master-manager and strategist while showing you exactly how to have your team make dramatic and steady progress towards more sales, better continuity, trackable results and predictable outcomes.

If you've ever wanted to create a "system" where the less you personally do. the better off you are. this book may be of critical importance to you.


Because, from it will stem the makings of an unstoppable sales team that finally "gets it" and seamlessly goes from project to project closing deals, selling product and making more commissions...

All while you follow their predictable results through easy monitoring processes.

How can I be so certain?  It's simple!

I've been in distribution, wholesale, manufacturing, high-level sales management field for 20 years now, creating over $9 Billion in added revenue and process reductions for more than 900 companies around the world. And frankly, I know what I'm talking about.

Whether you have a sales force of 5 or 500, there are exact processes and you can have them all working for you.

Here's a Sampling Of What's Inside:

  • Why selling is a process (not just an art)
  • How outcomes can be totally predictable
  • Using key management tools for better results
  • When to use sales and when to implement marketing
  • How to set your system up for success
  • How to niche-target your market segments
  • How to attract "really" good sales professionals
  • How to establish a "fool-proof" plan of action
  • How and why people decide to buy from you or not
  • How to tell if someone's worth selling to
  • Getting straight to... "How many do you want!"
And, a lot more of the principals and action strategies I've taught the best sales professionals in this industry...And that's because they work!

And...I Show You How to Make Them Work

This book totally de-mystifies the sales management (and sales) process.  It shows you What to Do, When to Do It and How to Get It Done.  It's not just theory, it's practical, real-life success processes that work and are working in hundreds of companies around the world.

What You Get:

  • 250+ page Soft Cover book
  • CD- with, sales forms and workbook

Price: $39.95 each


Simply put, the strategies, methods and techniques you will learn in The Sales Manager's Handbook, can change your life, improve your business and career and increase the results you get from your sales efforts and those of your people.

I guarantee you will love the new book!  Do you and me both a favor, get the book and be on your way to getting the results you really want!

All the best,

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