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One Reason Why Sales People Don't Know What a Perfect Sales Call Looks Like is Because They've Never Seen One in a Real Pro!

Joe Ellers From the Desk of Joe Ellers-

Dear Friend ...I've had the great pleasure of taking thousands of professional sales people through the Perfect Sales Call Process. And now I'd like to demonstrate the Perfect Sales Call in action for the benefit of you and your team.

When I first developed the streamlined process, people paid thousands of dollars to have me come in and show their team. (they still do in record numbers)

Then 10 years ago or so, we published, a now signature Joe Ellers training video, called The Perfect Sales Call. (which has been one of our highest selling training's)

And Now we're opening up the expanded, much improved online members-only training program using our core Perfect Sales Call material, but with much, much more.

If you want to train some of your people for the first or give a good refresher to your 'old' pros, you won't go wrong with this.

Hope to See you Jump on Board!


How To Increase The Quality Of Every Sales Call Immediately!

If you have ever wanted to increase your volume of successful, quality calls on a regular basis (and who wouldn't) here’s your opportunity. The best way to really fine-tune your process is by watching an expert in action!

See it. Learn it. Duplicate it. Make it Part of Your Sales Process!

Watch a sales experts go through every step of the sales process so you and others can model and critique your methods against what’s working for the best sales people around the world.

See what thousands of other high-performing reps and managers have seen that is having a profoundimpact on their sales call processes and results.

Here’s What One Association Had to Say:

“Professional salespeople have one mission, to improve the quality of each and every sales call.Whether you sell over the phone or in person, products or services, this presentation & information will provide you with everything you need to make more of your calls “prefect sales calls, it’s just that good!.” E.A.S.A

Get the Results You Really Want and Join Expert Joe Ellers as he Works With Different Salespeople in “Actual Selling Situations” and See How to Apply These “Real Life” Principals to Your Sales Approach!

Here's the Core Content of the Training...

    • The 6-step sales process to better results
    • How to do systematic call preparations
    • Qualifying customers, decision makers & opportunities
    • How to initiate perfect calls
    • How to get in the front door and leave with a commitment
    • The biggest mistakes most sales people make that usually costs them the sale
    • How to overcome lousy excuses and see precisely what to do about them
    • Follow-up tactics that increase your response
    • And this is just the beginning

Expanded to Include...

How to Set Appointments...The step right before the sales call
True Account Potential...How much can you really expect to get out of each account
Improving Your Communication...When you're face to face with the 'man' or 'woman' in charge

Unlimited Access to the Members Training Area Contains:

Video training with actual demonstration of various sales-call situations

Watch Joe directly explain every step in the sequence

Learn from the additional audio, video and written training's that drill down even deeper into sub-topics

Handouts, Action Items & Checklists for sales people

Leader Guides for the managers

A PowerPoint Presentation for managers who want to conduct sales meetings on this topic

An interactive, members-only blog forum where you can submit questions, ideas and comments to Joe and other participants and get terrific feedback

This Program Not Only Tells You... What To Do — It Shows You How To Do It— So It Can Be Applied And Implemented the Right Away

How to Get Started

The Member’s-Only site is ready to use. It is a self-paced program that you will have unlimited access to for a full year. During that time, you will have full Q & A access directly to me from inside the member’s area.

Some Pretty Neat Bonuses to Sweeten the pot...
I want you on board, so I'm making you an irresistible offer by including even more to the already robust training..

Private Online Chat Session With Joe For the First 7 People Only]
You and 6 other sales pros will have the unique opportunity to share, brainstorm and pick Joe's brain on the topic of Sales Calls. Very rare opportunity to get Joe 'one-on-one' for less than several thousand dollars. ($450 value)

12 Months of Online Library Access ($400 value)
Your entire team can benefit from complete access to the online library containing over 100 hours of training, audio, video, downloads, templates, articles and more


Unlimited Participation for only $379.00


Single Access for $169.00

Please Call Norm at 864.952.1841 to inquire about getting 
started with this program


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