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Joe Ellers-

And, if You're Competing for New Customers Against Lower-Priced Competitors, These 5 Tactics Will be Essential to Closing More Orders!

Selling Price Increases is a tough job, but somebody's got to do it, and Joe Ellers will show you how without creating angry customers, getting thrown out the door or completely losing the account!

Join Sales Strategist Joe Ellers for an enlightening program where you’ll be exposed to the latest, most current and most successful techniques that exist to ensure you can effortlessly sell necessary price increases to existing and prospective customers without losing the sale!

Some of What Will Be Covered-

How to develop a workable plan to increase prices on existing customers
How to incorporate these same components into your NEW Business sales efforts
What research will be absolutely critical to do BEFORE doing anything
How to respond to customer questions about industry prices going up
How to develop your NEW Value Proposition for the Price Increase
How to break the news to long standing good customers
How to approach customers you just recently sold to at the lower price and how to
          explain to them the price has gone up
5 Things you should NEVER say or do when communicating price increases
What the best reasons to give customers about why you are raising prices
Reasonsto NEVER give for the increase (even if it's the real reason)
How to convince customers they really do understand, they just do not like it
Other options to simply raising the base price
Deadly mistakes sales people make when 'selling price increases'

Who Should Attend-

Sales Professionals (both inside & outside sales)
Sales Managers
Executives who oversee price increase issues

Why You & Your Team Need to Participate-

Price increases are inevitable. Competition is more fierce. And at some point, customer loyalty is going to fade when the price difference is big enough. Build in the value now before it's too late.

Your sales team is NOT excited about taking price increases to their best customers, the fear is too great. Give them the proper training to go in their with confidence.

"Beat them to the punch". You're best customers are being hit up by your increasingly sharp competitors. They have 'other' choices. If they're'entertaining' the idea of switching suppliers, your sales reps are going to get blind-sided with 'the competitor question". Get new agreements and new prices set in stone now, before you lose the account all together.

The days of 'winging it' are over. Don't think your reps can waltz in, say we're raising prices then walk away with no fall out. Your customers have choices now. And unless you approach this subject with a carefully planned out strategic attack, you're liable to face serious retribution from customers. (don't think that your 20 years of loyalty with them will mater when you raise prices 15-20%. Unless you build in the value that they can see as a better value and option.

What's Included-

1. Core training on "How to Sell Price Increases" (online video & handouts)
2. Membership area access with downloads, action items and more
3. Submit private questions directly to Joe for answers on implementation, customization
4. See public questions and comments from others in the program. Learn and share
5. Your Implementation Problems-Solved by Joe
6. Seperate Training for Sales and Sales Management
7. Joe's 25 Biggest Mistakes When Selling Price Increases [Special Report]

Some Pretty Neat Bonuses...

Hard Copy of Entire Program on CD
[For the First 25 Companies Only]How to Sell Price Increases Without Losing the Sale Book Cover
  For the traveling, car-driving sales people who would rather listen on the road, we'll send you the recordings on CD. ($149 value) SOLD OUT

6 Months Free Access to Joe Ellers' Online Library ($300 value)
Your entire team can benefit from complete access to the online library containing over 100 hours of training, audio, video, downloads, templates, articles and more

Pulling Out All the Stops...Even More Bonuses & Incentives Piled on...

The Sales Professionals 6-Step Guide to Mastery ($30 value p/book X 30 books = $900 value)
200 page electronic book on my 6 step sales process for inside and outside sales ($30 value p/book)
You're getting our 30 copy digital license so you can give these to every sales person on your team.

*Sales Manager's Handbook [For Kindle, Ipad or Laptop] ($25 value X 5books= $125 value)
Joe's landmark 250 page bookcan now be your's in a handy electronic version for your Kindle or Ipad.
Get 5 digital licenses for this book. [*Offer good only for existing owners of the Sales Managers' Handbook.]

3 Legs of the Sales Management Stool -Video ($150 value)
Every sales manager needs to hear this training where Joe explains in detail the 3 most important success secrets of being a good and effective sales manager. Get online access to this training video for you and all of your managers and managers-in-training.

Sales Planning Strategy-Video
($150 value)
If you're in charge of sales strategy, Joe's training on this process is crucial to starting the year off right as well as correcting problems when goals aren't met.

Ok...we might be crazy, but that's over $1,300 in bonuses
I'm hip to the "Bonus Principle" and Don't mind practicing what I preach!

This offer is simply too good to pass up.

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Not Convinced?

Take a second to answer these 3 quick questions:

1. If you raised some or all of your prices and did not lose any business...would that increase your bottom line?

2. Could a price increase create some (or a lot) of resistance from your existing customers?

3. Are you facing competition from increasingly low-priced competitors?

You probably answered YES to all 3. I know exactly what you are experiencing. I have faced the same thing and so have many of my long-time personal consulting clients.

In fact, if you are like most sales managers, executives and owners...you have probably dreaded the prospect of having to go to your customers with a price increase. Afraid of what they might say. Afraid of loosing the account. Afraid of them bringing up your lower-priced competitor...No one wants to walk into a customer’s office and ask them to pay 15-20% more than what they have been paying for the exact same thing. I feel your pain!

How I Raise Prices Image

Here's How to Do it Right:

First...You may be asking how this is even possible? Well, when I sell a price increase, I structure it so my customers end up getting even MORE value than they were receiving, even though they are paying a higher price for the same product.

Second, once I fully understand my customer’s current position, business climate, and the relationship they have with their customers, it is simple to design a Value Proposition that will 'Sell' them on paying more.

And finally, once I develop this value proposition and strategy, it is simple to roll it out for the entire sales team and have it working in just a week or so.

Will The Process I Use Work For You and Your Industry?

YES! I have Already Proven it Hundreds of Times Over!

If you are intrigued by this notion, but for some reason you don't really know much about me, allow me to clear up a few things...

I consult regularly in more than 120 separate niche industries, which include but are not limited to: Industrial Distribution, Power Transmission, Fluid Power, Motors and Drives, Electronic Apparatus, Wholesale Distribution, Manufacturing rep business, Industrial cleaning, Food preparation, Healthcare, Fork lift maintenance, Batteries, Pet food, Construction, Commercial growers, and the list goes on and on.

I could spend 2 hours talking about the accolades from the thousands of companies I have personally consulted with; the tens-of-thousands of sales managers and field sales people I have personally trained; or the dozens of industry trade associations who book me 2 years in advance to speak at their conventions. Or, I could relay to you the success stories which all totaled, have a documented cumulative-increase-in-sales totaling in the BILLIONS of dollars...All as direct result of my training, influence, and planning on their behalf.

But, chances are, if you are receiving this communication, you already know all that about me because you've been to my website, heard me speak at conventions, maybe you are a personal consulting client, or have participated in some of the dozens of training courses we have offered through our web site to people in your shoes.

But let us get down to the brass-tacks here...


Raising prices can be risky, especially in today’s economy of cut-throat competitors.

And, if you are going to tackle this successfully without making a lot of customers angry, you will have to move forward with plenty of advance planning, a complete understanding of your customers’ customer, a rock-solid Value Proposition for the price-increase combined with careful execution.

There is obviously more than one way to ‘skin-a-cat’ here...People have been raising prices for centuries; some with goodsuccess, others not so much.

You may be in a position where you NEED to raise prices just to stay in business. Or maybe you just WANT to raise prices to increase margins, but have been hesitant, given the current economic climate.

Well the benefits of a very structured, orchestrated, and choreographed approach are overwhelming, even more so now when times are tough and competition is high.

Here is What I Tell People Who Say They Need to Raise Prices, But Have Reservations:

You are going to need a method to learn as much about your customers’ customer as possible, so you know how your price increase is going affect them when they have to pass on the cost.

You are going to need a rock-solid Value Proposition for the price increase your customers simply cannot refuse or ignore.

Your sales team will have to be very clear and rigid about what NEVER to say when communicating this increase, if you do not want to have customers leaving in droves.


Pay More Money ImAGE

Dozens of my best consulting clients have been raising prices as much as 15-20%, and YES, in this economy. They have followed my advice and have avoided the pain of having to 'devise a plan' to tell their customers about the price increase, and proven without a shadow of a doubt, that the proven 5-step process that works like a charm.

I am not so brazen as to say, it has worked 100% of the time, but the success rate of implementation is phenomenal and envied by everyone I have talked to who has tried to raise prices and run into a brick wall.

If you NEED to or WANT to raise prices to your existing customers.... OR...Are prospecting for new customers where YOUR prices are higher than your competitors, and you want a fool-proof method of implementation, you may want to have your team follow my 5-step Method to Selling Price Increases.

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